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All results from the 1912 Olympic marathon

69 runners started the 1912 Olympic marathon race. 35 of them finished the race. The temperature was 32 degrees C. The distance was 40 200 metres.
Here are all the results:

1) Kennedy Kane McArthur, South Africa, 2,36,54,8 Olympic record
2) Christian Gitsham, South Africa, 2.37.52,0
3) Gaston Strobino, USA, 2.38.42,4
4) Andrew Sockalexis, USA, 2.42.07,9
5) James Duffy, Canada, 2.42.18,8
6) Sigfrid Jacobsson, Sweden, 2.43.24,9
7) John Gallagher, USA, 2.44.19,4
8) Joseph Erxleben, USA, 2.45.47,2
9) Richard Piggott, USA, 2.46.40,7
10) Joseph Forshaw, USA, 2.49.49,4

11) Édouard Fabre, Canada, 2.50.36,2
12) Clarence DeMar, USA, 2.50.46,6
13) Jean Boussière, France, 2.51.06,6
14) Henry Green, Great Britain, 2.52.11,4
15) William Forsyth, Canada, 2.52.23,0
16) Lewis Tewanima, USA, 2.52.41,4
17) Harry Smith, USA, 2.52.53,8
18) Thomas Lilley, USA, 2.59.35,4
19) Arthur Townsend, Great Britain, 3.00.05,0
20) Felix Kwieton, Austria, 3.00.48,0

21) Frederick Lord, Great Britain, 3.01.39,2
22) Jacob Westberg, Sweden, 3.02.05,2
23) Axel Simonsen, Norway, 3.04.59,4
24) Carl Andersson, Sweden, 3.06.13,0
25) Edgar Lloyd, Great Britain, 3.09.25,0
26) Iraklis Sakellaropoulos, Greece, 3.11.37,0
27) Hjalmar Dahlberg, Sweden, 3.13.32,2
28) Ivar Lundberg, Sweden, 3.16.35,2
29) Johannes Christensen, Denmark, 3.21.57,4
30) Olaf Lodal, Denmark, 3.21.57,6

31) Ödön Kárpáti, Hungary, 3.25.21,6
32) Calle Nilsson, Sweden, 3.26.56,4
33) Emmerich Rath, Austria, 3.27.03,8
34) Otto Osen, Noway, 3.36.35,2
35) Elmar Reiman, Russia, no time recorded

Alexis Ahlgren, Sweden, did not finish
Henry Barrett, Great Britain, did not finish
James Beale, Great Britain, did not finish
Thure Bergvall, Sweden, did not finish
James Corkery, Canada, did not finish
Oscar Fonbæk, Norway, did not finish
Septimus Francom, Great Britain, did not finish
William Grüner, Sweden, did not finish
David Guttman, Sweden, did not finish
Karl Hack, Austria, did not finish
Bohumil Honzátko, Bohemia, did not finish
Aarne Kallberg, Finland, did not finish
Shizo Kanaguri, Japan, did not finish
Andrejs Kapmals, Russia, did not finish
Tim Kellaway, Great Britain, did not finish
Tatu Kolehmainen, Finland, did not finish
Andrejs Krüklins, Russia, did not finish
Francisco Lázaro, Portugal, did not finish
Ivan Lönnberg, Sweden, did not finish
Louis Pauteux, France, did not finish
Vladimir Pénc, Bohemia, did not finish
Stuart Poulter, Australasia, did not finish
Nikolajs Rasso, Russia, did not finish
John Reynolds, USA, did not finish
Henrik Ripszám, Hungary, did not finish
Francesco Ruggero, Italy, did not finish
Michael J, Ryan, USA, did not finish
Franti‰ek Slavík, Bohemia, did not finish
Carlo Speroni, Italy, did not finish
Arthur St, Norman, South Africa, did not finish
Dragutin Tomaeviç, Serbia, did not finish
Gustaf Törnros, Sweden, did not finish
Aleksandrs Upmals, Russia, did not finish
Ben Allel, France, did not finish


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Great races in Sweden 2012

2 September: Tjejmilen
This is the biggest sporting event in Sweden for women with more than 30,000 female runners and joggers of all ages. Everyone loves the scenic course through the royal park ”Djurgården” in central Stockholm. The distance is 10,000 metres.

3 June: ASICS Stockholm Marathon
The 39th ASICS Stockholm Marathon will be an exiting race in a beautiful city with runners from all over the world. Enthusiastic spectators line the route in the Swedish capital. At the finish in the classical 1912 Olympic Stadium thousands of fans greet the runners.

9 September: Stockholm Half Marathon
Welcome to the Stockholm Half Marathon. The race starts and finishes at the Royal Palace. 18,000 runners from all over the world. Inspiring course through the central districts of the Swedish capital.